The perfect insulating material for your energy renovation projects

The perfect insulating material for your energy renovation projects

In sustainable and environmentally friendly construction, insulation plays a crucial role in reducing energy consumption, saving money and significantly improving the thermal and acoustic comfort of the home. When it comes to sustainable insulation, cellular glass proves to be the perfect innovation. Discover the features and benefits of cellular glass insulation.

What is cellular glass?

Cellular glass is an insulating material Innovative and recently developed inorganic.

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It is cirrigation Of molten glass and sand mixed with a foaming agentthus generating small air-filled cells that transport them Excellent thermal and sound insulation ability.

a light, Durable and resistant to moisture and fireIt is widely used to insulate walls, roofs, and floors, as well as in rooms such as bathrooms, kitchens, and bedrooms.

It is available In the form of foam, Of wool, Plates or panels.

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Types of these insulating materials

There are different types of insulation that offer solutions to suit different building needs, including:

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  • Tags : It is available in Different thicknesses and densitiesThis allows it to be used in various constructions such as walls, roofs or floors.
  • Pellets : Made from recycled glassThey are light and resistant.
  • Foam : She is cDesigned for cutting and carving As needed.
  • Mineral wool : It is produced from extruded molten glass fibres.
  • Aramid fabric : It is made of Hot extruded fibercombines the strength and durability of aramid.
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Advantages of this insulating glass

This insulation has many advantages as a building material, the most important of which is its main advantage Respect for the environmentIn addition, there is no need for maintenance after installation.

but that is not all ! Discover other benefits below:

  • Easy to install : As a lightweight and easy-to-carry material, it is easy to use. Versatile, can be shaped and cut according to your needs.
  • Resists moisture : Cellular glass has strong resistance to moisture, does not deteriorate in contact with water, and is therefore ideal for spaces such as the bathroom.
  • Protects from fire : Ideal for the kitchen, it provides effective protection against flames and fires.
  • Great vocals and Thermal : Thanks to its cellular structure, it significantly reduces noise transmission through the walls, while significantly reducing heat loss. This will allow you to significantly save on electricity and heating bills.
  • Environmentally friendly : Completely recyclable and made from abundant natural materials, it does not require a lot of energy to produce.

Therefore, choose cellular glass for environmental, resistant and economical insulation. Its easy installation and thermal and acoustic performance make it a wise choice for durable and comfortable construction.

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