The paddle, booming, is within range of the bird defenders

The paddle, booming, is within range of the bird defenders

SEO/Birdlife stresses that this problem “particularly affects young people” and is “exacerbated during periods of migration”, especially since playgrounds are often built on the outskirts of towns and villages where biodiversity is important.

Animal welfare law

In recent years, the Spanish judicial system has received several complaints from animal rights activists. This prompted the head of the Environmental Issues Department in the Public Prosecutor’s Office, Antonio Vercher, to address this issue based on a recently issued law on animal welfare.

In a letter sent on Monday to his colleagues from various Spanish regional prosecutor’s offices, the latter called on “the relevant departments” to ensure that “all necessary measures” are taken “to avoid or limit these collisions.”

The Animal Welfare Law, adopted by the Spanish Parliament in March, actually makes animal abuse a criminal offence, which speaks to this message.

Protective stickers or nets

One of the solutions proposed by associations is to install stickers or protection nets on transparent walls, making them visible. This technology has been successfully tested, according to the SEO/Birdlife website, in the Valencia region (east).

Created at the end of the 1960s in Mexico, it is one of the sports currently experiencing the strongest growth in the world.

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