The origin of this new pokemon provokes the following myth

Pokemon Legends: Arceus currently Game Lighthouse nintendo where Released on January 28thAnd it will be for a long time if new big Switch releases don’t stop it. In the game, a Exclusive new pokemon It appears and its origin certainly hides a new myth.

Pokemon Legends Arceus : Where does this new pokemon come from?

Pokemon Legends: Arceus like any new address from pokemon license with A whole bunch of new little creatures, each one more exciting than the other. The 1,000-year-old Hisui region includes creatures from all regions that can be visited in the eight games prior to this release. If some generations are better than others (one would think The fourth that literally occurs in the territory of Hisui), however, there are alternative versions of Pokemon that are only found in this game, one would think regional version of zoroarkthe first monster of this type dual license. But there is also the exclusive Legendary Pokémon, which has never been mentioned before in the game.

And This Pokemon is only the fourth member of the totem gang: Amovénus. Many mysteries surround this pokemon, especially regarding its appearance. Which represents spring and fertility (By the way, she’s the only female in the quartet.) It can only be found in Pokemon Legends: ArceusAnd this raises a lot of questions. Until now, Members of the trio totem have been likened to the forces of nature. to kami (Japanese spirits) two regimentstied to the wind, Rajin lightning, and Inari for fertility. They can too Representing different countries of the world. Demetrius represents the EarthAnd Sky Boreas and FulgorisAnd A world between the two that connects themHere is the lightning. corn The appearance of Amovénus disturbs things a bit and offers a new visionfrom Chinese and Japanese mythology.

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The Four Beasts and the Four East

It is found in Chinese and Japanese cross myths One last item to summon which is much closer to the current QuartetRegard Icons named four animalsthe four forces, the characters/symbols/guardians of the four east according to Chinese astrology and Feng Shui. In Japan they are known as Shijin (Four Gods) It is called as: Seiryu, the azure oriental dragon surrounded by wood; Guembu, the northern aquatic black turtle. Byaku, the Western White Tiger Metal Ranger and finally Suzaku, the Firebound Vermilion/Phoenix Bird. In the context of Pokémon, according to its totem form, we saw thatAmovénus represents the tortoisethere where Thunduris will be the dragonAnd boreas phoenix And Demeteros the white tiger. And it fits perfectly. But now that we know all that, there’s still something to be revealed. These animals are not alone, sinceThey are all related to another: Kirinthe yellow rhinoceros, is defined as the fifth element: the center.

And the center is not represented here by any Pokemon. Especially since each Legendary / Fabulous Pokémon batch consists of the following figure: several “minions” and a “leader”. The three golems have Regigigas, the three birds have Lugia, the three dogs have Ho-Oh, Palkia and Dialga have Arceus, Groudon and Kyogre have Rayquaza. The Lost is the current leader of the now famous Pokemon Four Totem. It is very likely that he will appear in one of the future DLCs or New update for Pokemon Legends: Arceus. But there is, however, a problem with this theory, and that is the problem of Arceus himself. In fact, it may seem strange to have a file Demiurge of Pokémon mythology is a type of horse. horse with A large growth on the back of the head looks like a horn. What is more, Its body is surrounded by a quadruple compass-like ring that indicates the cardinal points : So he’s in the middle of these, like Kirin. This is interesting but so far There is no real evidence to confirm this.. Especially since thenArceus is already bound to space and time and his opponent Giratina. Anyway, we won’t be fixed until Nintendo announces new content for its main game.

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