The official website changes its appearance to remember the Xbox 360 Dashboard -

The official website changes its appearance to remember the Xbox 360 Dashboard –

The Xbox official site، The original Xbox 360 dashboard, and the restoration of the famous “ciphers” in the Hanin initiative is part of the celebrations 20th Anniversary from the console.

Xbox is 20 years old in recent months and among the various initiatives there is also this particular graphical change made to official website, the nerve center of Microsoft Xbox Communications on the Internet., where the official website looks with a redesign of the classic Xbox 360 style

The new look From the site we are clearly reminiscent of the first dashboard that was in the Xbox 360 system software at launch, back in November 2005 and has remained an absolute favorite by users.

The interface in question was marked by a series of “code”, i.e. the different sections accessible through the overlapping screens, between which it was possible to navigate simply by swiping left or right, with the different areas of interest appearing on the sides. It was a simple and straightforward solution, although obviously very basic compared to the complexity of the experience provided by current console control panels.

However, it is precisely this clarity of display that results in it still being remembered as one of the best interfaces seen on Xbox and beyond, despite the now clearly dated aesthetics.

Xbox 360, dashboard A "code" It also appeared at launch time
Xbox 360, “Blade” dashboard also appeared at launch time

The dashboard was then dramatically revolutionized with the arrival of the new Xbox Experience in 2008, which then evolved over time to the current developments ofXbox One and Xbox Series X interface | S.From the perspective of intergenerational continuity adopted by Microsoft.

Anyway, the codes are now remembered by new graphics for during the Xbox 20th anniversary celebrations: Among other initiatives, we remember the 20th Anniversary console and many other events also based on Halo, such as a limited edition Xbox Series X.

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