The Normans rebelled to avoid the descent

Winner of Federal 1 in 2019, and 15th place in the championship in 2020 At the end of the championship and then the 14th season, Rouen Normandie Rugby kept himself in Pro D2 in the final moments of the season. The Normans hope Season 3 will be less scary…

The RNR will be back in maintenance this season after a workout that ended as Gregorick Pooley, scrum coach at Rouen explained:

“The season has gone well with major holdings with ups and downs. We are still learning.”

Experienced new recruits like Alexandro Tarros, the Romania international with 39 picks, or Willy Ndiaye, will make a strong impact in the game and in the Norman squad.

The evolution of Rouen Normandy as a club

Another rookie who will play a very important role at the club is Alexandre Loutowa. The center with three quarters will hold all of his experience. With 119 Pro D2 matches with Aurillac and Montauban, the New Zealander knows the championship perfectly.

He could be related to 22-year-old Audric Sanlaville, a newborn from Borg en Press. To achieve and maintain its goals, the club will have to continue to develop:

“The club and all the structures still have to make improvements to go with the level. Be it training or organisation, they are moving forward.

TEvery year, things are progressing. This season, for example, we will play in front of 10,000 spectators. When we’re outside, we’d like it to move a little faster, but when we’re already inside, we realize what has already changed.” Gregorick Poli insists before continuing with the overall goal: “The aim of the season is to keep calm before the last minute.

« Stay calm before the last minute »

The Scrum coach is particularly returning to the highlights of last season with his good times:

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“The moment we beat Bézier at home or even when we were about to tie Vanes to Van, those were beautiful moments. He gave a little bit of strength, bond and confidence to the team to look for maintenance.

Points that were unexpected but eventually allow for maintenance and assembly welding. “

That’s the kind of game we’ll have to achieve this season to be able to keep it again. In a context where rugby is developing more and more, the level of play will be high:

“There is an arms race, everyone is becoming professional. We can see that all the employees are increasing in number, all the clubs are growing. These are the things that make the level go up. If the guys are better prepared, more visible, more prepared, the level goes up with.”

As is often the case, the fight for maintenance will be intense and intense until the last day and the RNR will also have to ramp up.

Nathan Reum

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