The 'Night Service' podcast opens up the horizons

The ‘Night Service’ podcast opens up the horizons

Night services Hugo Huon much experience, for five years, at Lariboisière Hospital in Paris. As an activist, he headed the Inter-Urgences group from 2018 to 2020 before leaving the responsibility to others. His various experiences, commitment, network, and young nurse, this summer at the helm of a small village vaccination center, are now putting them to good use in the privacy of a successful, rich and dense podcast, titled Exactly. Night Service”, produced by Doctoclass, is a continuous distance education platform for healthcare professionals on various topics.

Giving a voice to caregivers

The common caregiver exchanged at a time for about an hour with sisters, colleagues, and specialists, usually little heard. ” It is not particularly a struggle unless we consider it appropriate to give a voice to the people and workers who have views and messages to convey, Hugo Hun pose. Caregivers have spent a lot of TV time around Covid. Still about the same topics. So even if we’re in the first episode, evoking the epidemic, we do it with a sociologist, a rare look. We’re talking about these people’s commitment to developing careers and getting care. »

future topics

Currently, four episodes cover different topics: a sociologist’s perspective on the health care system in the midst of a pandemic, community health and self-managed nurses’ cooperatives in Canada with a nurse from Quebec, and advanced practice and exercise in Canada. A nurse from the Mobile Palliative Care Team, Sophie Chretien, and Cecile Barrier, IPA in the city, challenges the steady time patients spend in home care and experience balance (EQUIPES d’Nurses responsible and solidarity) with Cecil Hurt, Idel who specializes in diabetes.

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The following topics: Exhaustion of health professionals, work of nurses in vaccination centers, coordination of complex care pathways, nurses’ rights and activism in the face of health policies, environmental and environmental health nurses.

The idea, with this free and accessible podcast for everyone, is to invite people to open up about new practices, and to consider other perspectives. “ If you ever want to change things, you can’t wait for government action. This should be done at the local level Serious and comfortable Hugo Hon concludes in his new role.

Thomas Laborde

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