The New Zealand Rugby Union is “unable to achieve its goals”, an independent report says.

The New Zealand Rugby Union is “unable to achieve its goals”, an independent report says.

This will shake the New Zealand Federation at the worst times. The federation’s administrative body has been described as “Unable to achieve goals“The report paints a bleak picture of the union, describing it as an outdated organization, paralyzed by its own structure and unsuitable for the modern era.”The New Zealand Professional Era Federation is a large and complex undertaking. The structure that suits him was not designed for a company of this size and complexitysaid Chief Rapporteur David Pilkington.

The committee, commissioned by the NZR and the Rugby Players’ Association (NZRPA), found flaws in the governing body’s constitution and governance structure. Former All Blacks captain Graham Murray was one of them.

according to “An overwhelming percentage“Of the 191 people interviewed, current arrangements.”This results in a board that, on the whole, is not qualified enough to provide the leadership the sport needs“The report notes. Among its recommendations, the team proposes an independent operation.”Ensure that a competent and competent board of directors is appointed to lead the union“.

Doubt about financial viability

The report also calls for the establishment of a stakeholder council to ensure grassroots rugby’s voices are heard by the union’s leadership. Furthermore, he questions the financial viability of the country’s elite rugby system, pointing in particular to the large number of professional players.

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