The New Zealand Football Association has launched a plan to revive its rugby game

The New Zealand Football Association has launched a plan to revive its rugby game

The New Zealand Federation (NZRU), Super Rugby franchises and 26 local unions announced in a press release an overhaul, aiming to get domestic rugby back on. An enduring trajectory of victories over the decade […] It’s time to review the way we play rugby and ensure that the sport has the resources to succeed over time and win over its fans and communities at all levels. »

Although rugby is the king sport in New Zealand, its star has faded. This loss of prestige, already noted, was harshly underlined in October by the defeat of the All Blacks, the triple world champions, in the World Cup semi-finals against England (7-19). New Zealand has at times lost its first place in the world, which it held for a decade.

In Super Rugby, an increasing number of players far from the prospect of their choice are drawn to expats, signing big contracts in Europe and Japan.

Among young people, the number of licensees is decreasing

The lower tier, the Provincial Championship, which was previously a final for non-international players, now has players mostly unknown due to the obligations of the All Blacks and the need to recover injured players. At the local level, if the number of women is increasing, the number of male license holders, especially in the age group of 13-20 years, is decreasing.

‘Financial situation is getting tougher’

Mark Robinson, President of NZRU

For New Zealand rugby manager Mark Robinson, the sport’s structures and organization have served him well for more than 125 years, but it is time to see how now they can help him thrive in a rapidly changing world. “Rugby is under pressure in many parts of the game, from people’s involvement and fan loyalty, to the ability to retain talent in the country and an increasingly challenging financial environment,” Did he say.

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New Zealand Rugby has already announced changes to the rules for youth, for example by authorizing matches with reduced numbers (up to ten players) in the event that it is impossible to combine fifteen players as is the case with a .rule, or unlimited changes.

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