The New Zealand company welcomes OCP’s response

The New Zealand company welcomes OCP’s response

Morocco’s position describing the seizure of a phosphate shipment in South Africa as an act of “political piracy” was welcomed on Friday by New Zealand-based fertilizer company Balance Agri-Nutrients.

Quoted by mediaMark Wynne, director general of the New Zealand company, described the reaction of the OCP as “pragmatic,” MAP reported Thursday.

“The goods are intended for us, but we do not own them. So OCP will lose in this story. The financial implications, from our side, are only related to the ship, but we are covered by insurance anyway,” explained Mark Wein.

The president of Balance Agri-Nutrients confirms that his company will continue to purchase Moroccan phosphate. “From a legal and ethical point of view, we are comfortable with this purchase,” he added, adding that the Moroccans will continue to extract and export phosphate.

On Thursday, in a press release carried by the Maghreb Arab Press, the OCP group denounced the decision of the multi-judge jury of the High Court of Justice in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. This calls for referring the case of the ship NM Cherry Blossom to the merits. “Not only does it (the Court, editor’s note) arrogate to itself judicial authority to issue a ruling that is contrary to the fundamental principles of international law, but, moreover, its decision constitutes political interference in the process taking place under the auspices of the United Nations Security Council.” United Nations,” lamented the phosphate giant.

On Thursday (June 15), judges at the High Court of Justice in Port Elizabeth ruled that the shipment of Moroccan phosphate on board the ship NM Cherry Blossom was lawfully detained and must be prosecuted.

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The 54,000-ton shipment of phosphate, coming from Phosboucraa, a subsidiary of the OCP Group, has been frozen since May 1, by a decision of a South African judge, who ordered the precautionary seizure, based on a request sent by the Polisario Front.

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