The new overseas patrol ship “Teriieroo a Terierooiterai” sailed to Papeete

The new overseas patrol ship “Teriieroo a Terierooiterai” sailed to Papeete

In 2022, the Accounting Council called for improved management of the exclusive economic zone [ZEE] French Polynesia, which extends over an area of ​​4.8 million square kilometers, after denouncing the lack of coordination between the Metropolis authorities and the Polynesian government regarding seabed exploration. [afin d’exploiter éventuellement les encroûtements polymétalliques, riches en minerais] Or to monitor it. Emphasizing, among other things, that marine resources “arouse greed, especially among foreign fishermen with destructive practices.”

However, as Admiral Pierre Vander, former Chief of Staff of the French Navy, often said, “What is not supervised is plundered and what is plundered is claimed.” Only naval assets of the Armed Forces of French Polynesia [FAPF] Limited… This has been happening for a long time, as the P400 patrol boats “La Railleuse” and “La Tapageuse” were withdrawn from service at the beginning of 2010 and were replaced by Arago [classe La Pérouse]He was accepted into active duty in 1991.

They say: “Everything comes in time to those who wait.” The French Navy will have to show a lot of patience to replace its P400s, even if it means facing a temporary lack of capacity. Finally, last July, in New Caledonia, the August Pennybeg, the first overseas patrol ship, entered active service. [POM] Félix Éboué class, which will consist of six units. It should be followed by a second one this year.

In fact, having reached the end of its potential [il aurait déjà dû être désarmé en 2021/22, ndlr]Arago will soon meet her successor Terieroo a Terierooiterai, the second POM of the Éboué class.

With the core of its crew trained in May 2022, Terieroo a Terieroiterai has recently completed its operational readiness. [MECO]in preparation for her departure from Brest towards her future home port of Papeete.

“The deployment to Papeete, planned over more than two months, will take the ship to cross the Atlantic Ocean, around Cape Horn, and then reach Polynesia via the Pacific Ocean. The objectives of this mission are to verify the capabilities of the building in all environments and contribute to the maintenance of bilateral relations.” With the countries being transited,” the French Navy specifies.

Currently, the Terieroo a Terierooiterai remains owned by its builder, the Socarenam shipyard. It will only be officially handed over to the National Navy at the end of its voyage to Papeete. His acceptance into active duty is scheduled to be announced shortly thereafter.

As a reminder, the displacement is 1300 tons [soit trois fois plus qu’un P400] The Terieroo a Terierooiterai is approximately 80 meters long, 12 meters wide, and less than 3.5 meters draft, and is equipped with a Lyncea combat management system and a Kelvin Hugues Mk11 SharpEye surveillance radar in the [SMDM]It is armed with a remotely operated 20 mm cannon and four machine guns [deux de 12,7 mm et deux de 7,62 mm].

In Papeete, she will join the observation frigate Prairial [avec son hélicoptère Dauphin] And building external support and assistance [BSAOM] Bougainville. In 2025, a second chief operating officer – Philippe Bernardino – will be appointed for French Polynesia.

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