The new generation of PS VR: new rumors emerge - Teller Report

The new generation of PS VR: new rumors emerge – Teller Report

According to the author Video, the name used to designate the headset is not PS VR 2 but NGVR. A code name that should bring back beautiful memories to PS Vita fans, which was revealed under the codename NGP in early 2011. Some of the information sent during this supposed meeting joins what has already been brought up in recent months by Upload VR and Bloomberg, starting Than with the fact that NGVR will integrate OLED Fresnel panels with a resolution of 4000 x 2040 (2000 x 2040 per eye). The device, which has not been shown, is said to be HDR-compatible and offers a 110-degree field of view (compared to the PS VR’s 100-degree field of view).

We’ve already heard about percussive submission (modular presentation), an optimization technique that aims to display as much detail as possible only in the area where the user’s vision is focused, at the expense of the quality of the peripheral parts of the scene, but new rumors now also invoke the precision-elastic range technology (Flexible sizing accuracy). In addition to pure rendering and gaze detection, these methods aim to intelligently adapt the resolution according to the user’s gaze, in order to deliver the PS5’s computing power and make games more visually clear.

Sources once again evoke the presence of a haptic vibration motor built directly into the helmet, the dual intent of enhancing immersion and reducing immersion. motion sickness. This engine has been added to the tactile feedback and adaptive stimuli that will also be found in the new levers that the manufacturer has already revealed.

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Specifically, we were told that these new consoles will be supplied directly with NGVR at launch, as opposed to the PS Move which had to be purchased separately. According to the same source, these new controllers, which do not have a name yet, will be equipped with analog capacitive sensors capable of determining the distance between the sensors and the user’s fingers.

From a strategic point of view, Sony had announced that it wanted to move away from “virtual reality experiences” to focus on large productions. For this, one of the goals will be to get more hybrid games to work on flat screen and in virtual reality, which is a good example of this type of game. Resident Evil 7. In this case, the user will be able to download only the version he wants from the PlayStation Store.

We should add that nothing is mentioned regarding any backward compatibility with PS VR games (which play a lot different because they use an external camera) but Sony has already planned to release a mod for some PS VR games. Finally, if we get past the various rumors, the manufacturer intends to reveal its launch plans in early 2022, for a release at the end of next year.

Note that if the rumors about this video couldn’t be verified, Richard Ledbetter was pretty sure lately of an interesting mention in a recent podcast from Digital Foundry. “The only thing I find encouraging is what Sony is doing with the PS VR 2 for the PlayStation 5. We’ve seen some specs leaked and they’re pretty good. But we’ve seen other undisclosed specifications that make it more interesting.“, hum technical.

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