The Nation / New Zealand held the world’s first and largest concert during the pandemic

The Nation / New Zealand held the world’s first and largest concert during the pandemic

On June 28, the 20-year-old pulled the trigger of his 9mm pistol, a modern-day FN M1910 of the time with serial number 19074, who hadn’t imagined he’d lit the fuse in exchange for 70 million soldiers to go to war for 4 years. , 3 months and 14 days. Not because of his finger, he himself will die in four years.

At the time, Gavrilo Princip believed he was only killing Archduke Francisco Fernando, but he was in fact starting World War I, in which 9 million soldiers and 7 million civilians were killed.

The arrogant rulers of the time conceptualized the conflict as a short show of columns and colors, with martial music and applause, but the truth was different, with stinky trenches, blood melted in the mud and a terrible twist on the path of death called mustard. The gas that killed the soldiers and badly damaged their lungs. In spite of the masks, they died, their faces twisted by suffocation.

25 years later, on September 1, 1939, a powerful machine of fast tanks overwhelmed the old notions of indomitable trenches and invaded Poland, Nazi Germany inaugurated the “Blitzkrieg” and unleashed World War II. This other fuse would mobilize more than 100 million soldiers and leave between 50 and 70 million dead.

Now it was death in midair in big planes that dropped groups of bombs, until it reached the most insane business in history, at the end of 1945, when 135,000 were killed in Hiroshima and 75,000 in Nagasaki.

105 years after Gavrilo Princip pulled the trigger, on December 31, 2019, from Wuhan, China, they reported a cluster of 27 cases of idiopathic pneumonia. The world, with feathers and colors, celebrated the advent of the New Year peacefully. No one imagined that closing the market, on January 1, 2020, would be the beginning of the imprisonment of humanity.

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Once again, death flew into the air, but not in large grenade launchers. As in World War I, the world was witnessing a new and terrifying development in the method of death called Covid-19, which killed civilians by inflicting severe damage to their lungs. In spite of the masks, they died, their faces twisted by suffocation.

It was the beginning of a new war, faster than a blitzkrieg, more sophisticated and ruthless as there were no trenches to protect themselves as there were no bullets. No bombs, no soldiers, and death camps did not need barbed wire because people drowned in their homes. And on the streets.

If the Triple Entente fought in the First World War against the Triple Alliance and in the second the Axis powers fought against the Allies, this time in the war the countries ’flag was not well distinguished, but financial strength, organizations and technology.

On the one hand, great powers like the United States, Germany, India, China, Russia, and the United Kingdom are manufacturing vaccines for their own residents and allies, but on the other hand they do not know exactly what the long-term consequences will be and the pharmaceutical companies – which have more power than the states themselves – extort the abusive contracts that governments must The signing of it is under pressure from the desperate population, greatly encouraged by fear of economic collapse and also fake news, which returns like the specter of Nazi propaganda to mislead for their own benefit.

They are sending out rumors that distort the quality of the immune systems and entire countries are suspending vaccinations due to suspected deaths from fatal strokes. Even so, the greater interests assert that “the benefits far outweigh the risks”. People who used to cry out for vaccines are no longer convinced whether the risk is their only loss of life.

An example is what happened with the AstraZeneca vaccine, which arrived in Paraguay through the discredited Covax mechanism and was designed to protect (protect) white and elderly individuals who, despite the injection, still die.

Distrust builds when, in the midst of a fierce global conflict over the immune systems, a country of 9 million people – and only half of which have vaccinated – announces that it will give up 10 million doses of this product (AstraZeneca) because it has already ordered another product. A batch from Pfizer / BioNTech. Why would you donate twice the amount you still need to save the lives of your fellow citizens and wait for others?

Why in this silent war of enormous economic interests, Europeans continue to contract vaccines in exaggerated quantities, while people die by the thousands in less favorable countries?

Do Vaccines Really Work? Governments have put their hands on fire, affirming yes because the stakes are so strong, but in reality they are just repeating propaganda without having any evidence. Their answers are based on data from discredited organizations like the World Health Organization or industries interested in monetary gain.

We are at war. To date, there are more than 3 million dead and 145 million “wounded”. In collapsed hospitals, patients and doctors are dying. Deficiency is chronic and the only hope appears to be a needle. Despair is driving people to self-medicating ivermectin, and medical communities are refusing to take this off because it also leaves a trail of poisoned people.

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As in every new war, deathmatch techniques improve. Historians may be able to reveal the truth in a few years, but that won’t be soon. For now, the only thing for sure is that you have to survive. Vaccines appear to be the only salvation, but this exit is motivated by fear of death and not by trust towards the abusers.

Amidst a lot of uncertainty, it would be good to remember Gavrilo Princip and not pull the trigger: We must take care of ourselves. The rest is the invisible gunpowder smoke that floats around us.

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