The name Zimmia comes from "Zinnia", the first plant born in space!

The name Zimmia comes from “Zinnia”, the first plant born in space!

A lyrical epic toward transcendence and beyond began. From the questions arose electronic textures, the complex ideas of vocal sounds, their intensely stellar pop rhythm … However, the journey is only just beginning.

At first, Tybod (pianist), Alex (guitar) and Victor (drummer) played together on another project. Fascinated by the space-inspired acoustic aesthetics… meditative, atmospheric and epic, they compose together.

During their stay, they meet “musician” Louise, and offer her to take part in the adventure. Odyssey I (1st EP) is rooted in this spatial music, with electronic, acoustic colors and pop and jazz tones, to which Louise texts will be added.

(c) Pictures of Vincent Muller

His words question our human condition and our way of transcending it. They deal with spirituality and beliefs, with the scientific investigation of the human condition in the universe, with the emotional world of all. The group then becomes a crew: seekers of meaning, travelers of life. Nature plays an integral role in their construction (Venus is their motto) as it puts our feet back on earth.

Not going to the clouds to understand what’s here is a key factor. The plant is seen as the primal and basic substance, life, maintenance.

This EP is an introductory journey, to the end of the world according to Zimmia. The first piece that saw the light of day is called Behind, and it speaks of the importance of love in human beings, of that vibration that is inherent in everything, that carries and shakes.

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