The mystery of Scheherazade, suspected of being Putin's yacht

The mystery of Scheherazade, suspected of being Putin’s yacht

In the Italian port of Marina di Carrara, the yacht “Schéhérazade” has been under inspection for a few weeks now. Many suspect that the 140-meter vessel, which is estimated to cost at least $700 million (€640 million), belongs to the Vladimir Putinreports the scientistSaturday, March 26th. financial police Italian He seeks to discover the name of the owner.

According to SuperYacht Fane, Scheherazade belongs to the oligarch Eduard Khudantov, who is a close friend of Kremlin. But the clues confirming the suspicion were revealed through an investigation conducted by him The New York Times In March: Part of the crew She nicknamed “Scheherazade”, “Putin’s ship”.The staff will be entirely Russian “when the president is on board” and the ship has made several round trips to Sochi, where the Russian president is, last summer.

In addition, the Alexei Navalny Foundation revealed that half of the crew members belong to Federal Protective Serviceresponsible for ensuring the close security of the Russian President.

Pressure is mounting to put the luxury ship in receivership. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to me Male yacht directly When he asked Italian parliamentarians to “freeze and freeze all their estates, accounts, and yachts, from Scheherazade to the youngest,” referring to the Russian oligarchs.

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