The mysterious disappearance of a young Instagram owner is causing turmoil in the United States

The mysterious disappearance of a young Instagram owner is causing turmoil in the United States

Investigation – In the United States, the mysterious disappearance of a young New Yorker who went on a trip arouses great interest. A video released by police on Thursday raised suspicions against her fiancé.

I went to road trip With her fiance and no longer. The disappearance of Gabriel Pettito, 22, caused unrest in the United States. The little girl from New York, who regularly documented her journey through the United States on social networks, has not given any sign of life since the end of August. The police, like many Americans, are now mobilizing to try and find her.

The police did indeed intervene after an alleged marital dispute

Gabriel Pettito, aka Gabe, left New York in July with partner Brian Laundry, 23, to travel across the country for four months. Their stages are regularly shared on Instagram and YouTube, through photos and videos. on this road trip In the opulent setting of the National Parks in the American West, we see the blue-eyed blonde walking down a river canyon or surfing the sand dunes.

The young woman, whose last contact with her family dates back to the end of August, is said to have been last seen in the very majestic Grand Teton National Park, in Wyoming. Shortly before, on August 12, police in Moab, a small town in Utah, intervened in what appeared to be an altercation between the couple, several US media reported. young woman He looks very emotional in a video that was recorded by the agent’s pedestrian camera, which was announced Thursday by police and which puts her fiancé in an unfavorable light.

Khatib’s silence

Brian Laundry was alone when she returned home in Florida on September 1, ten days before Gabriel Pettito’s family was informed of her disappearance, according to police in Northport, where the couple reside.

Brian Laundry “There was no will to answer the investigators’ questions” And “No useful information provided”According to the police, who announced his trial on Wednesday ‘Deserves attention in the investigation’, without going so far as to officially consider him a suspect at the moment.

Brian refuses to tell Gaby’s family where he last saw her. Brian also refuses to explain why he left Gabi alone and drove to Florida. These are critical questions that require immediate responses.”Appeal to the traveler’s family in a press release. “How can Brian stay behind when he’s the only one who knows where Gabe is?”

Troubles in America

As evidence of the media’s interest in the case, Northport Police said it had interviewed “All major TV channels and about 60 media outlets in the last 48 hours”.

On social networks, many messages are posted to try to find her, or simply to express support for the young woman. “I hope you come home safely. Traveling with someone can be difficult and I really hope these feelings don’t lead to something tragic.”Can we read Gabrielle Petito’s recent YouTube video for example. or: “She was in my high school and she gave really positive energy. I hope you are doing well and safe.” Some Internet users address their fiancé directly: “Brian, I know you’re reading these comments and I want you to know you’ll never sleep a good nights again until you reveal the truth.”

An award group has been created on GoFundMe for Raise money to help find Gabby Petito He earned more than $43,000 on Thursday.

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