The mysterious disappearance of a couple in Tenerife

The mysterious disappearance of a couple in Tenerife

Marc Olbrechts and Laura Trabeniers, a Belgian couple who have lived on Tenerife for sixteen years, mysteriously disappeared last week. according to 7 of 7They were last seen by neighbors on Monday, April 22. “They seemed happy,” says Laura's best friend.

Their house went off with an alarm that night, with no explanation. The authorities were unable to contact them and then alerted trusted people identified by the couple.

Their cat was left alone, which never happens

The next day, the house showed unusual signs, leaving loved ones confused. They were reported missing on Wednesday when the couple failed to show up for their yoga class and their car also disappeared. Worrying things were discovered in their home after they left, such as an open door and signs of unusual activity. The personal items they left behind, including their beloved cat, also raised concerns.

An earlier encounter with visitors from Eastern Europe sparked further speculation, raising fears they may have been kidnapped. “I think they might have been kidnapped.” I fear the worst…” whispers her best friend Laura, expressing the palpable pain of those closest to her in facing the situation.

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