The municipality is revitalizing its public space

The municipality is revitalizing its public space

Under the leadership of the city's mayor, Laurent Durban, the municipality wanted to revitalize the public space to revive the appeal of the city center by installing a skyline of illuminated and floral streets, thus offering an original and colorful urban decor.

Like an ephemeral art gallery, the sky of flowers transformed Place General de Gaulle into a space for artistic expression. The hanging flowers add beauty, poetry and a touch of nature, with a variety of bright colors, sizes and shapes, instantly turning your playground into an enchanting landscape.

Inspired by the rainbow that appears after a storm, Rue de la Quille is decorated with colorful ribbons that interact freely with the natural elements. Finally, Grand Rue immerses itself in the Brazilian atmosphere with hundreds of colorful leaves of different shapes, evoking the mighty Amazon jungle. Summer comes with its water restrictions and due to the already declared drought, it has become difficult to plant plants and place flower boxes in the squares and on the streets, but we can always decorate and add a floral touch with these decorations for the most beautiful effect.

“Many thanks to the municipal staff for the careful and sometimes acrobatic installation of these captivating decorations which, I hope, will arouse positive emotions in passers-by.”The mayor announced.

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