The moon will turn red during the eclipse tonight from Sunday to Monday

The moon will turn red during the eclipse tonight from Sunday to Monday

This phenomenon occurs approximately twice a year, when the Sun, Earth, and Moon are in perfect alignment and the Moon is in its full phase.

The star slips into the Earth’s shadow, which then blocks the sun’s rays and gradually loses its white glow. Then the bright white moon takes on an extinguished red color. This phenomenon is visible to the naked eye with endoscopy.

The eclipse will last for approximately five hours, and the total phase – when the star is fully in the Earth’s shadow – just over an hour.

In mainland France, the last date dates back to January 2019 and the next will not occur until 2029.

The total eclipse is between 5:29 a.m. and 6:54 a.m.

In France, the eclipse will be total at the end of the night between 5:29 AM and 6:54 AM, with a maximum at 6:11 AM: the lunar disk will become completely red. Note that the moon will set during this total phase, at the same time as the sun rises. So it will be easier to notice this phenomenon if you are in the west of France, where the sun rises later than the east.

It is advisable to choose as a place of observation a place where the horizon is “clear to the west”.

The next total lunar eclipse is scheduled for November 2022 in the central Pacific Ocean.

The lunar eclipse showed that the Earth was spherical “from ancient times,” assures the astronomer. “On the surface of the lunar disk, the boundary between the shadow and the part illuminated by the Sun is slightly curved: this is the projection of the Earth’s rotation.”

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