The Military Council accuses Mohamed Bazoum of trying to escape

The Military Council accuses Mohamed Bazoum of trying to escape

Dawn shooting and armored vehicles’ movements: the situation is turbulent today, Thursday, in Niamey. In the evening, the military council explained that ousted President Mohamed Bazoum and his entourage had tried to escape. The former president’s relatives, for their part, explained that their mobile phones were confiscated, and Mohamed Bazoum was separated from his wife and son.

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Two versions contradict each other.

According to a junta press release broadcast on national television late Thursday evening, the ousted president and his family as well as two chefs and bodyguards attempted to escape on Thursday around 3 a.m.

The spokesman explained that a car was going to take them to the outskirts of Niamey, where “ Helicopters of a foreign power » To transport them to Nigeria. Colonel Major Amadou Abdel Rahman denounced what he described as “ Irresponsible attitude » From Mohamed Bazoum, he added that the main planners of the plan and some of their accomplices were arrested.

Shortly before Thursday, people close to Mohamed Bazoum explained to us that the former president was separated from his wife and son in the middle of the night and their phones were confiscated. Two of their former bodyguards were also arrested on the spot. During one of these operations, shots were fired.

This sudden increase in tension comes at a time when a Nigerian judge issued a written decision demanding the release of Salem Bazoum, the son of the former president. On Thursday morning, his lawyers received an order that allows them to notify the state of Niger so that the decision can be implemented.

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