The Long March of Elephants shook and liberated China

The Long March of Elephants shook and liberated China

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For seventeen months, about fifteen echidna eels moved at a distance of more than 500 km from their nature reserve. A historical epic followed by drones that fascinated the country.

On November 10 and 11, “Libé des Animaux” returned for the fifth time. As a preamble, “Libé” publishes the first articles that will shape this The number for their news only.

“Hello, what are you doing ?” Shhh… exercise. Silence in the ranks.” Like Mowgli, Champion jungle book, Patrol Elephant woke up while he was napping, and we wanted to interview a baby elephant. But because we don’t know how to get animals like Rudyard Kipling to talk, we’ll never know what drove fifteen wild Pachyderms to leave the Xishuangbana Reserve, in southwest China, where they lived until then exclusively, and head north before returning to their beginnings. Point. A historical epic that has dazzled millions of Chinese for seventeen months.

In March 2020, a group of adults, teens and children left their natural habitat to embark on an adventure. Although Asian elephants are somewhat smaller than their African cousins, they do not go unnoticed, averaging three meters in height at the shoulders. Their hunting was not banned until 1988 when the species was on the verge of extinction, with only 150 surviving. They are now protected, and about 300 people now live in southern Yunnan, which is a mountainous and forested area if…

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