The list of Olympic climbers is growing!  · Climb the planet

The list of Olympic climbers is growing! · Climb the planet


Four new names have been added to the list of climbers who will compete at the Paris 2024 Olympic Games: Australian climbers Oceania McKenzie and Campbell Harrison in the climbing/combined difficulty discipline and Sarah Tetzlaff and Julian David in the speed discipline.

By winning the Oceania Olympic Qualifying Tournament, Oceania McKenzie, Campbell Harrison, Sarah Tetzlaff and Julien David have secured a place in the Paris 2024 Olympic Games.

After Tokyo 2020, it’s time for Paris 2024 for Oceania McKenzie!

in women, Oceania Mackenzie It was the target to be shot! Having already competed in the Tokyo Olympics, the 21-year-old climber will use all her experience to win the competition. In first place in the semi-finals, the Australian earned the spot in the final with an almost perfect score of 199.9 points out of a possible 200! You’ll complete the final four blocks in just five attempts and complete the hard route after a few minutes, enough to take first place in the rankings.

I’m so excited to go to Paris! I’ve had a lot of fun climbing here at home with my whole family, so I’m thrilled.

There are two things I’m looking forward to at the Games: first, watching other sports, because we didn’t have the opportunity to do that in the last Olympics, and second, preparing properly. Due to the lockdowns, my preparations weren’t great last time and weren’t what I wanted. Plus, the presence of the audience will definitely raise the mood.

Oceania Mackenzie


Maya Stasiuk She tried to follow the pace set by her compatriot, to no avail. It ranked second in the competition with 155.7 points, with a slight difference Emily ScottThird place with 129.1 points.

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Roxy Perry He came very close to the podium by occupying fourth place with 102.0 points. Atako Nakamura Fifth place with 78.7 points Judith Carroll Sixth with 74.6 points. New Zealander Amanda Speed He concluded the competition in seventh place with 61.4 points. Unfortunately, her teammate Rebecca Hounsell She hasn’t had the chance to show what she can do since being ruled out of the final after being diagnosed with Covid.

Full results of the women’s competition

Strong feelings for Campbell Harrison!

What emotions for Campbell Harrison ! The Australian let out a huge scream of joy as he passed his rope in the final TQO road relay. By reaching the summit, and being the only climber to do so, he collected 154.1 points, enough to win the competition and a place in the 2024 Paris Olympic Games.

It feels very surreal. When I realized I was eligible for Paris 2024, everything clicked immediately. Years and years of hard work, moments of doubt, moments of joy and everything in between. I don’t think there are words that can sum up exactly how I feel.

I didn’t know the results and I never wanted to know. Even in the World Cup, I don’t want to know. The emotions at the top were just an outlet for me, and it was only on the way back down, and due to the crowd’s reaction, that I knew I had achieved something special. I saw my mother crying, my father crying, and my friend crying; That’s when I really understood.

Campbell Harrison

However, Harrison did not win the competition beforehand, because after the bouldering event, he finished third in the provisional standings.

I have never felt such emotions during a competition. You had to win to earn your place in the Olympics; It was really all or nothing! When I completed the first part I was on the verge of tears, and I had to pull myself together for the second part.

I felt like the third block was an opportunity for me to gain points because it was really my style, but it didn’t work, I think the pressure got the better of me. But then, my mind became clearer, and things went as I had hoped the hard way would go.

Campbell Harrison


Australian Sam Lavender He ranked second with 122.8 points. He was at the top of the standings after the event but was unable to maintain the pressure during the difficult test. Dylan Parks He finished third with 105.2 points and completed the Australian podium.

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Ben Abel He ranked fourth with 87.8 points, ahead Maxime Barry Fifth place overall with 86.0 points. Max Thomas The competition concluded in sixth place with 63.6 points, ahead of the only New Zealander participating in the final, Oscar WolfWho ranked seventh with 50.8 points. finally, Joshua Mennell He finished last in the finals with 46.6 points.

Full results for the men’s competition

Sarah Tetzlaff and Julian David, the first New Zealand climbers to compete in the Olympics!

By winning the sprint, Sarah Tetzlaff and Julian David became the first New Zealand climbers to earn their place in the Olympic Games.

After finishing second in the qualifiers Sarah Tetzlaff She surpassed herself in the final and won all her duels one after the other. Australian opposition Grace Crowley In the final, Sarah took all the risks and managed to hit the bell in 8.54 seconds, three tenths less than her opponent, enough to win the gold medal and her ticket to the Paris Olympics.

I’m not sure I realize what just happened. I think it will take me some time to realize. It’s so surreal and unexpected, I don’t even know how to react!

The final was incredibly close, and honestly, I didn’t think I would come out on top. As the saying goes, anything can happen fast, and our coach tells us that all the time. So you have to think about each race separately, forget the last race, forget the next race and do your best! I’m going to the games, it’s crazy!

Sarah Tetzlaff

In men, Julian David He joins teammate Sarah Tetzlaff as New Zealand’s first female climber at the Olympic Games. The world junior champion and Oceania speed record holder earned his ticket to Paris 2024 by beating the Australian Hayden Barton In the last duel of the final.

i can’t believe ! I dreamed of all kinds of scenarios. I woke up at night thinking ‘what if this happened’ and it did, it’s absolutely surreal.

“Now it’s time to prepare for Paris 2024. I’ll stay and train in New Zealand for most of the season, but I might go to France a month or so before and train there. A little bit, and try to take some advice.” I’m throwing myself completely into the Olympics.

Julian David


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