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The radio newspaper romadailynews on Saturday 26 June in the studio in Giuliano Ferrigno is still suffering from an emergency and in the foreground there are more than 180 million cases in the world, stressing that deaths are approaching 4 million since the beginning of the epidemic and the chosen variant of the virus is the first alarming cases have been identified Growing in the parades in Ancona in three specimens of Steady and Senigallia and two foreign women.It is an Italian outbreak unguarded even in a sanctuary for more than 5 centuries, the spiritual reference point in the upper Valle del Cervo. Religious tourism activities have been suspended, three cases will be confirmed to be infected with the virus, after a dinner in the sanctuary including a woman who has already been settled with two doses, the virologists hat is vaccinated and do so quickly invites the Italians to complete the course also Francesco vaia Let’s go to the director Spallanzani to highlight the The second dose of vaccine made in the meantime in the world. With the delta variant now in control, let’s see the situation together Australian authorities have imposed lockdowns on the whole of Sydney in the face of an outbreak of new cases in the country this week More than 80 people have tested positive and all connected by a driver brought in airline crews from an airport Sydney to help quarantine in New Zealand Australia’s travel bill for a new wave of Covid continues to raise concern for the health situation even in Tunisia where the Prime Minister despite receiving two doses of the vaccine, the test positive, the routine strict lockdown of Bangladesh next Monday while it extended The Argentine government is in a state of health emergency in force in the country due to the epidemic until July 9, let’s change the subject of music Maneskin are the most listened to Italian artists in the world on Spotify With 22 million listeners in the last month With more than a billion and a half broadcasts Totals continue their unstoppable rise in the charts International Collectors, a record score never achieved before, ranking sixth with the desire to be your sleeve and tenths of gasoline in the singles chart in United Kingdom, confirming the first Italian band in history with two SIM cards simultaneously in the British top ten. First place in the US hard rock song rankings, congratulations to Roma Maura, let’s move on to the sport of Euro 2020 football in about an hour Italy prepares to face Austria at 21 in the Round of 16 of the European Championships at the magnificent Wembley Stadium His odds of being the preferred holder at the present time over Locatelli vs Austria No mistakes We are calm because we can count on a group of good players That’s the comment of CT Roberto Mancini whatever. He’s going to play out well today even after making us expect a tough game that we couldn’t commit to repeating the fouls is all thanks for following the info and back to the next version
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