The Last of Us part 2 corrected at 60 fps on PS5 - teller report

The Last of Us part 2 corrected at 60 fps on PS5 – teller report

This is indeed an optimal correction in backward compatibility mode and not a new original that was developed specifically for the new Sony console, but it nonetheless does allow for the 30fps cap initially planned by the developers to be exceeded. For the more curious, Digital Foundry has had the opportunity to do just that Analyze it advance.

Once you install Correction 1.08 for The Last of Us Part II on the PS5, you will find an option in the display that allows you to set the target frame rate to 30 or 60 fps. This will allow you to choose the frame rate you prefer, to complement other improvements made through backward compatibility for PS4 games on PS5, such as better resolutions, faster load times and more.“We can read on PlayStation Blog.

So this correction is the fruit of Naughty Dog’s first work with PS5 capabilities, but the California studio naturally counts many other things, including remakes. The last of us And a multiplayer game based on the same franchise, although none of this is entirely official, let’s remember.

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