The Israeli army announces that it has recovered the bodies of three hostages, including a French-Mexican

The Israeli army announces that it has recovered the bodies of three hostages, including a French-Mexican

The Israeli army announced on Friday, May 24, that it had found the bodies of three more hostages held in the Gaza Strip since the Hamas attack on Israeli territory on October 7. These are the remains of the Mexican French Orion Hernandez Radox, Israeli-Brazilian Michel Nissenbaum, and Israeli Chanan Yablonka were found during an operation in Jabalia, north of the Palestinian Strip. Orion Hernandez Radox, a 32-year-old father of a 2-year-old daughter, was attending the Nova Tribe Festival, on vacation, during the October 7 attacks. Follow our live broadcast.

Benjamin Netanyahu soon in Washington? The Israeli Prime Minister will speak “almost” In the US Congress, House Republican Leader Mike Johnson said. No date has been proposed for the visit of the Israeli Prime Minister, who has not yet accepted it. Such discourse would constitute “A very strong and timely show of support for the Israeli government at a time when it is needed most.”According to Mike Johnson, the opposition figure to President Joe Biden.

The decision is expected from the International Court of Justice. The International Court of Justice is scheduled to issue its ruling on Friday on a request from South Africa for an order “immediately” Ceasefire in the Gaza Strip. The orders of this court, which decides disputes between countries, are legally binding, but the International Court of Justice has no means of enforcing them.

Recognizing a Palestinian state would have “serious consequences,” according to Israel. After the decision of Spain, Ireland and Norway to recognize the Palestinian state, the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs warned that these announcements would occur. “Serious consequences” And he will come back “It is difficult to promote an agreement to release hostages.”.

The Palestinian Authority is experiencing financial difficulties. The Palestinian Authority is on the brink of financial suffocation, with a deficit of $682 million, or 3.9% of Palestinian GDP, according to a new report from the World Bank. This situation in the West Bank and Gaza Strip is linked to the complete drying up of their resource flows and a strong recession in the Palestinian economy, leading to a further decline in tax revenues.

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