The Israeli army admits that 13 of its soldiers have been killed by friendly fire since the beginning of the conflict

The Israeli army admits that 13 of its soldiers have been killed by friendly fire since the beginning of the conflict

Israel counts its dead soldiers. The Israeli army announced, on Tuesday, December 12, that more than a tenth of its soldiers who were killed in the Gaza Strip were martyred after… “friendly fire”. He added: So far, the number of deaths has reached 105 since the start of ground operations, 20 of which are accidents. A spokesman said. Thirteen soldiers were killed “friendly fire”While the other seven were involved in accidents involving vehicles or weapons. Follow our live broadcast.

Hamas accuses Israel of “attacking” a hospital. The Hamas Ministry of Health accused the Israeli army of “They launched an attack on Kamal Adwan Hospital.”It is located north of the Gaza Strip. This institution “Besieged and bombed” For several days by the Israeli occupation forces, according to this source. “They are gathering men, including medical staff, in the hospital courtyard, and we fear that the medical staff will be arrested or killed.”he added.

A resolution on the ceasefire is expected to be issued in the United Nations General Assembly. The United Nations is scheduled to vote on Tuesday on a resolution demanding this “Immediate humanitarian ceasefire” In the Gaza Strip. The United Nations continues to warn of the catastrophic situation in the Palestinian Strip, where the humanitarian system is located “At breaking point”. The United States used its veto power against a draft text calling for a ceasefire for humanitarian reasons in the Security Council on Friday.

Washington is concerned about Israel’s use of white phosphorus. Publish an article from Washington PostThe claim that Israel used American-made white phosphorus munitions during its raids on southern Lebanon in October raises concerns in Washington. “We will ask questions to try to find out more.”John Kirby, spokesman for the White House National Security Council, said: Phosphorous bombs are incendiary weapons, and their use against civilians is prohibited, but not against military targets, according to what he says. Convention signed in 1980 in Geneva.

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