The iPhone 14 Pro will be thicker, but it will have a very good excuse

The iPhone 14 Pro will be thicker, but it will have a very good excuse

No rest for the wicked. Yesterday, Sunday, March 27, Ming-Chi Kuo tweeted! In response to a tweet from 9to5macwho provided a diagram of the iPhone 14 Pro and its larger rear optical unit, the analyst simply explains the reason for the increase.

See also the video:

According to the star analyst, an expert on Apple’s future actions, this more complex block is due to the fact that Tim Cook’s teams made a decision to improve the wide angle. So the unit at the heart of your iPhone photography experience will see its sensor go from 12MP to 48MP.

This should allow – again with the help of computational imaging functions – to improve both clarity and definition of the image. If Apple smartphone photos have long had excellent color rendering and very good exposure, they suffer from flat color processing. A technique that is particularly noticeable when you enlarge an image or try to print it.

Whatever the case, Ming-Chi Kuo gives an idea of ​​the gains in the size of the backlight unit. It will be 25-35% wider and 5-10% thicker. The wide-angle optics, as on the latest iPhone 13 Pro, will consist of seven elements made of plastic.

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Last September, rumors suggested that Apple was planning to introduce a design without the bumper-to-produce cameras on the back. With the increase in the depth of the modules, it will certainly be difficult to achieve this. But Apple can still maintain punch hole on the forehead to make the current score disappear.

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