The Invisibility Shield that can make you disappear will be sold out

The Invisibility Shield that can make you disappear will be sold out

Invisibility Shield Co. has already designed fairly convincing prototypes for this technology feat.

If it doesn’t look perfect yet, the effect is already amazing. A British startup called Invisibility Shield Co has been working on an object for several months that looks like it came straight out of a sci-fi movie: Stealth Shield!

As its name suggests, this amazing product offers the possibility of complete invisibility from the decor for those hiding behind, the same is reflected in the trompe-l’oeil on the surface of the shield. As shown new factoryThis technological feat was achieved by playing with the optical properties of light.

Lens matrix to create an optical illusion

Described by media specializing in industrial news, the process used by Invisibility Shield Co. is based on a set of optical lenses, which make up the surface of the shield, which are arranged in such a way that “straight to the left or to the right of a large portion of the light reflected by the person wishing to disappear” .

L’Usine Nouvelle adds: “The lenses are oriented vertically to make what is far from the observer brighter (…) and to make objects near the painting disappear.” Thus an optical illusion is created on the outer face of the shield, making everything behind it invisible!

The designers announced its launch at the end of 2022

The designers of the shield had planned two versions, a standard with a height of 95 cm and a width of 65 cm, and a stylized one with a height of 31 cm and a width of 21 cm. According to specialized media, the body is also resistant to “UV rays and high temperatures”, but is also “completely recyclable”. However, the materials used in its design make it very brittle in the event of an impact.

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Funding invitation launched by Invisibility Shield Co on the platform Kickstarter Having proven very successful (so far, more than €80,000 has been raised), the company plans to put its invisible armor on sale at the end of 2022. It will cost £299 (about €359) for the Standard Edition and £49 (about €59) ) for the mini version.

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