The importance of consulting your personal space

The importance of consulting your personal space

A reminder of the steps to take at the beginning of the year #

This allows this income to be taken into account when declaring and calculating taxes.

Moreover, since February 1a certificate relating to the 2023 Agirc-Arrco pension payments has been published online.

Consult with your personal space Agirc-Arrco #

To obtain this certificate and all the necessary information related to their pension and the procedures that must be taken, the retiree must go to his office Personal space of Agirc-Arrco.

This measure aims to facilitate administrative procedures and ensure better communication between the institution and the beneficiaries of supplementary retirement pensions.

The effects of rising costs of living on retirees #

In addition to these steps, retirees also face a problem High costs of living. Indeed, there has been a noticeable increase in the prices of everyday consumer products such as electricity, gasoline and food.

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The latter has suffered a sharp increase, causing difficulties for families, especially among the elderly who depend on their pensions to ensure their standard of living.

How to deal with this situation?

In order to compensate for these increases and support their purchasing power, retirees must learn about what is new Measures in place By public authorities and competent organizations such as Agirc-Arrco.

For example, consulting their personal space allows them to check the amount of their pension and any adjustments associated with legislative changes or annual amendments.

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The role of Agirc-Arrco in facing the challenges faced by retirees #

Agirc-Arrco is doing everything it can to support retirees during this difficult period and ensure the payment of their pensions. Providing a dedicated personal space is a valuable tool, making it possible to quickly and efficiently answer questions about their additional pension and what steps to take.

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Therefore, we advise retirees to stay informed of new developments and news related to their pensions. For this, Frequent consultation of their personal spaceas well as the official websites of the relevant organizations is essential, in order to fully understand the issues they face and take the necessary steps.

Faced with the challenges posed by rising costs of living and changing legislation, Agirc-Arrco pensioners must take control of their situation and regularly inform themselves of their rights and obligations.

Therefore, consulting their personal space is essential to obtain all useful information regarding their pensions and to carry out appropriate administrative procedures.

To move forward and better understand these issues, Retirees are encouraged to read articles on this topic carefullyis present on the official websites of relevant organizations, but also in the specialized press.

Our dedicated file will also answer some of your questions by providing you with practical advice adapted to the specifics of supplementary pensions.

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