"The idea of ​​an independent Palestinian state is over," says Laila Shahid.

“The idea of ​​an independent Palestinian state is over,” says Laila Shahid.

In an interview on Monday with RTBFLaila Shahid, the former Palestine delegate to France, says she considers the idea of ​​an independent Palestinian state dead.

“I am not sure that this state will be the one we are talking about today. It could be a confederation with Jordan, Syria and Lebanon. If Israel changes the government, why not with Israel as well,” he said.

Laila Shahid was the representative of the Palestine Liberation Organization in various European countries: Ireland, the Netherlands, Denmark, until she became the general delegate of Palestine in France, and then in Brussels, to the European Union.

Today, it no longer holds an official position, but remains an important player in the Palestinian national movement.

During the interview, Ms. Shahid Mahmoud Abbas criticized the President of the Palestinian Authority, accusing him of clinging to power and embezzling Palestinian funds.

“The elderly do not want to leave an authority that gives them privileges, to them, to their party and to those around them. That is why I left in 2015. I no longer believe in the effectiveness of the Palestinian Authority, whether at the diplomatic level at the international level, or at the administrative level in Palestine.”

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