The host countries of the next five worlds will be known soon

The host countries of the next five worlds will be known soon

It’s the end of the false suspense: The host nations of the next five Rugby World Cup, every two years from 2025 to 2033, will be announced on Thursday afternoon in Dublin by World Rugby.

Except for an unexpected turn, there will be no surprises. The world rugby union’s governing body has for some time granted the status of favorite to three countries.

Thus England should host the women’s version of the World Cup in 2025. Then comes Australia in 2027 (men) and 2029 (women), then the United States in 2031 (men) and 2033 (women).

The changes come after an extensive review of the host selection process, World Cup goals and the current global environment to ensure the international federation is aligned with a rapidly changing world.‘, he explained in the November of the Rugby World Championships.The new model will help rugby grow globally in new markets, and attract new fans and participants‘, he still asserts, for example.

Rugby will already be exported to the United States for the first time, with the men’s world championships in 2031 and the women’s in 2033. It would not be the first on the American continent since Canada already hosted the 2010 edition, which was won by black New Zealand. fern; England, the host nation of the 2025 edition, has hosted three World Cup finals, one for women (2010) and two for men (1991 and 2015). It wouldn’t be the first either.DownSince Australia already organized the Men’s World Cup in 1987 (with New Zealand) and in 2003.

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For the men’s edition of 2027, it will be the first in the Southern Hemisphere since the contested 2011 edition in New Zealand. England and Japan hosted the 2015 and 2019 editions respectively, and France will stage the next round in 2023.

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