The “Horse and Stick” tournament brings together fans despite the ridicule

The “Horse and Stick” tournament brings together fans despite the ridicule

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video – With riders galloping on wooden poles topped with a fake horse's head, the activity is as unusual as it is trendy.

It gets bigger every year, it's the biggest tournament we've ever organisedOn June 15, 2,000 people gathered in Finland for the 11th edition of the National Hobbyist Championship. 21 countries were represented during this competition.

The principle of the hobby horse, or “stick horse” in French, is simple: ride, in the absence of an equine, with a stick or broomstick surmounted by a cloth-padded horse's head, like a children's toy.

It's work with the horse but my legs are the horse's legs and my upper body is my upper body“, describes Jojo Hänninen, a 19-year-old rider. This discipline is mainly practiced by women of all ages.

This activity, which is not officially recognized as a sport, has seen increasing popularity in recent years. On social networks, videos are going viral showing riders jumping over obstacles armed with their fake grumbles. according to'Finnish Horse Hobbyist AssociationAbout 10,000 people practice this sport in the world today.

We had to deal with a lot of bullying and judgment and everything else. I think this is the main reason that unites us», admits Nara Arlene, a 24-year-old contestant. This unusual activity is actually the victim of many online mockeries. The elegance that allows fans of stubborn horses to appreciate this tournament characterized by the spirit of cohesion.

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