"The guys who came to pick us up smelled great from the laundry and soap"

“The guys who came to pick us up smelled great from the laundry and soap”

he goes “very good”. Back on European soil, French astronaut Thomas Pesquet spoke to the press on Tuesday, November 9, on the tarmac at Cologne Airport (Germany), a few hours after his successful landing off Florida. “We got used to it very, very quickly.”He confirmed, while not saying he was ready for it 100m run.

Thomas Pesquet says he did “Enjoy a little more” From the stage back to the atmosphere, thanks “bigger windows” From a SpaceX capsule compared to a Soyuz capsule on its first mission. braking was “strong” But call the sea “a little softer” From landing in Kazakhstan in 2017.

What were his first noticeable sensations after emerging from the dragon capsule? French talk about “smells” The crew members who came to pick up the astronauts “Laundry and soap smell very good”confirmed, “It also means we probably didn’t smell so good after six months at the resort”. Admit it wasn’t “Very stable” For his first steps and says he struggled to pick up the phone with “The impression of resilience that pulls everything down”.

The 40-year-old said he did it “I want a good bath”, a “expertise” who promises to be “Special” After more than six months in Spartan conditions. “Seeing all the water droplets falling in the same direction would be like a science fiction movie.”, he has fun.

“Not Specially Packed” At the thought of finding a scientist still troubled by Covid-19, the astronaut remembered that he lived “Without a mask for six months” in the space. “We will return to him”Haddad confirmed his dreams “Rediscover the world before” to return to earth.

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And what are the future plans? Normans hears “Take some time” For him after these two long missions dedicated to the International Space Station since 2014. And he did not deny his interest in a possible mission to the Moon. “We are explorers, convinced it is good for everyone”, confirmed. He promised to receive his three companions from the Crew-2 mission to France: “We are united for life now.”

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