The government abandons the referendum on the environment

The government abandons the referendum on the environment

It was inevitable. Prime Minister Jan Castilles announced Tuesday, July 6 that constitutional reform is supposed to include « Preserving the environment » In Article 1he is of the constitution Across A referendum will not be held. This was one of the 149 proposals in the Citizen’s Climate Agreement, which Emmanuel Macron committed to implement in December 2020.

But now, MPs and senators will not be able to agree. To submit the constitutional amendment to a referendum, it must be approved on the same terms by both houses of Parliament. The initial version proposed by 150 members of the Citizens’ Agreement added Article 1he is« [La France] Ensures the preservation of the environment and biodiversity and the fight against climate change ».

From start to finish, Republicans (LR) I rejected this formula outright. It has been established Based on the opinion of the State Council Who considers this expression? « Preservation is guaranteed » « It would impose on the public authorities a quasi-commitment to a result ». Either responsibilities « Heavier and unpredictable » It is the duty to participate in the preservation and improvement of the environment – a duty enshrined in Article 2 of Environmental Charter, which is already part of « constitutional bloc كتلة ». [1]

« We do not want to act “to guarantee”, Because it has a censorship effect […] Research, science and innovation, at a time when it is essential to be responsive »Representative Mark LeFure said:LR) during the first passage of the text to the National Assembly, in March 2021. The deputies (mostly belonging to La République en Marche) were Vote for the text On first reading, but senators (mostly Republicans) substituted the verb « Guarantees » Across « keep »preferred expression « works against » to me « fight ».

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« One of the most beautiful measures of the Citizen Climate Agreement falls under another political candidate »

So the law was reinstated in June 2021 The second reading in the National Assembly. Then the deputies gave up the expression « works against », and kept the verb « Guarantees ». Monday, July 5, refused it « holding hands “,” It was also called by Jan Castex, the senators voted for for the following formula : « [La France] It works to preserve the environment and biodiversity and against climate change, in accordance with the terms set out in the 2004 Environmental Charter. »

« The Government regrets while respecting the vote made by the Senate ‘” announced Jean Castex. Screenshot of questions directed to the government, 6 July 2021.

« The Government regrets with respect to the vote made by the Senate yesterday on this very important subject ت »The Prime Minister said before the National Assembly on July 6, at the juncture of the traditional government question session. And at the shouts of the deputies, it was announced « This vote [mettait] Ending the constitutional review process […] Indispensable to our country ». And to add: « It is very unfortunate but the fight continues and this majority is shouldering its responsibilities, the demanding and responsible environment responsibility, those of the ecology of growth, the ecological transition being negotiated with open eyes, eager to support helping our fellow citizens and not punishing or coercing them. »

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A position not shared by everyone. « Today, one of our most beautiful gauges of the Citizen Climate Convention falls under another political candidate. Meanwhile, oceans and forests are burning »commented on Twitter William Okante, former member of the convention. « Faced with the Republicans’ lack of will to act on climate, the government itself has not given the means to achieve this fundamental reform. »And the Tweet too Deputy Environmentalist (unregistered) Matthew Orvillen.

In the eyes of many jurists, this constitutional review was above all symbolic, since « Preserving and improving the environment » Already appears in the constitutional block through Article 2 of the Environmental Charter. « This is the predictable end of a bad soap opera for a useless procedure, denounce in a tweet Attorney Arno Gosment. It’s time to rediscover the environmental charter that has already put the environment in the Constitution since 2005. [C’est] Well written text that doesn’t fade unless you don’t use it. »

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