The Gaza Strip is bombed again;  Follow the latest information

The Gaza Strip is bombed again; Follow the latest information

At Kamal Adwan Hospital, “dozens of terrorists” were arrested, according to the Israeli army

As the Israeli army announced on Thursday onAfter arresting a number of people “Dozens of terrorists” In Kamal Adwan Hospital, northern Gaza Strip. Several videos released by the army show men leaving the building, sometimes shirtless, raising their hands in the air, and dropping their firearms before leaving, accompanied by Israeli soldiers.

Hossam Abu Safia, head of the hospital’s pediatrics department, on Wednesday. He was contacted by the US news channel CNN Continuingclaimed to have seen dozens of healthcare workers arrested by the Israeli army, before they were taken to the hospital “unknown place”. According to Mr. Abu Safiya, the director of the institution is one of these people.

The Ministry of Health in the Gaza Strip, run by the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas), accused the Israeli army on Tuesday of launching an attack on a facility in the northern Gaza Strip. Israeli forces “They launched the attack on Kamal Adwan HospitalThe Ministry’s official spokesman, Ashraf Al-Qudra, explained: “They are gathering men, including medical staff, in the hospital courtyard, and we fear that the medical staff will be arrested or killed.”.

On Tuesday night, the head of the World Health Organization, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, reported an Israeli raid on Kamal Adwan Hospital in Gaza, where sixty-five patients and forty-five caregivers worked, several days later. Siege saying “Very worried” on.

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