The game cartridge scores a record bid of $1.56 million

The game cartridge scores a record bid of $1.56 million

This is a new record for a video game. Legendary sealed cartridge Super Mario For the Nintendo 64, the console sold on Sunday for $1.56 million, according to House
auction American Heritage Auctions.

“It’s the first game to be auctioned for more than $1 million,” Eric Bradley, a spokesperson for the Dallas, Texas-based company, said enthusiastically. Heritage already set its first record on Friday: a cartridge for yesterday’s consoles nintendo The NES from “The Legend of Zelda” sold for $870,000.

Character from 1981

This “Super Mario 64” cartridge dates from 1996 and is used in 3D for the first time. Eric Bradley confirmed that this is the “only known version with a score of 9.8 A++” from Wata, a video game expert that assesses the condition of cartridges, explaining that this score was “the highest possible.” video game come back.”

Mario, a young, hyperactive plumber in a red hat, is one of the greatest heroes in video game history and has contributed to Nintendo’s worldwide success. He appeared in 1981 as “Jumpman” in the game “Donkey Kong”, was called Mario in 1985 and had many adventures with his brother Luigi or driving a kart.

For several years now, vintage video games have enjoyed increasing success with gamers feeling nostalgic. Last April, a Super Mario Bros. video game cartridge sold out. A 1986 Nintendo NES for $660,000 at auction, it’s still at Heritage Auctions.

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