The French people are “bad”, and all the blacks are “hungry”… The New Zealand press wants to be confident

The French people are “bad”, and all the blacks are “hungry”… The New Zealand press wants to be confident

“We smell like smoke. You can almost hear the first shock. Between tradition and modernity, between elegance and brutality… it is the most beautiful poster for an opening match in the history of the Rugby World Cup. This is amazing !* Twist the 'r' for France and get ready to rock. enthuses New Zealand sports columnist Mark Reason Things. For the coach “Ian Foster and his team, it will be the* crush”.

The term means “crisis” but also means “decisive moment” which in Europe usually refers to the clash between France and England. But, Friday 8 September, there is no doubt that it will also be a clash between two of the best rugby teams in the world. New Zealand journalists are not wrong. He concluded impatiently.

“What is rare makes the heart beat harder, or, in the case of all blacks, hungrier.” Liam Napier, the channel's special correspondent, commented three days before the opening match New Zealand Herald In Lyon, the city where the All Blacks set up their base camp. In fact, Friday evening will be only the second time in five years that this has happened “The French Renaissance under Fabien Galthiet” The New Zealanders will be opposed.

The French infirmary is full

“The French may think they have nothing to fear in light of their recent meeting in Paris.” Liam Napier notes. On November 21, 2021, already at the Stade de France, Antoine Dupont and his teammates brilliantly dominated their evening opponents and achieved a huge victory with a score of 40 to 25.

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Do we expect a similar scenario? The French are definitely a favourite. Especially since the All Blacks team suffered a heavy defeat against South Africa during their last preparatory match. but, Scott McLeod points out, Lions defensive coach on site 1news, Reminder of the last match against France:

“What we witnessed the last time we were here stuck in our throats. We were hurt and had a little difficulty digesting it. When we replay certain videos from the match, they still hurt our players.”

So are the French wrong to be overconfident? maybe. But what is inspiring New Zealand commentators to a wave of optimism is above all the French dispensary, which continues to fill up. “The good news for the All Blacks is that France are in poor form. They will be without Romain Ntamack, Cyril Bailly, Jonathan Dante and Paul Willemse from this match. Losing Dante is a tough blow indeed. Reason mark estimates on the site Things.

Defects in the French defense

In addition, the All Blacks management did not fail to dissect the last preparatory match that the Blues played against Australia at the end of last August. Mark is happy because “Eddie Jones' Australia have done the All Blacks a great service by exposing very significant flaws in the French defence.” Analysis shared by TVNZ commentator Scotty Stevenson Interview by 1news : “We can also see that the All Blacks forwards have greatly improved their ball handling. This could provide good opportunities to overhaul and outflank the French defence, which the Wallabies were able to do several times in the last test match.

However, Mark Reason continues with his column Things, “I'm not sure France will implode. No. 9 and captain Antoine Dupont is too talented to allow such a scenario to arise. France has also learned lessons from the past.”. And add New Zealand Herald, “It is always difficult to prepare against France and deal with their combination of attacking power, brilliance and individual initiative.”

In any case, the “clash” on Friday “It should lead to a lively World Cup opening match between a host country on top of their game and an All Blacks team that needs to get back on their feet quickly,” Mark Hinton writes on Things. His colleague Mark Reason concludes: Come on, blue ones! Come on, black people!* Stay in your seats, we're going to have a great emotional moment!


* In French in the text.

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