The French Navy is developing its own surveillance tools for its marine space

The French Navy has retained CLS to provide it over the next five years with satellite data services to monitor its sea area, the second largest in the world, the company announced Monday. The contract amount, called Trimaran 3 which runs from 2021 to 2025, has not been determined.

CLS, a joint venture between Cnes (34%) and the Belgian holding family Frère (66%), combines satellite imagery collected from 300 optical or radar monitoring satellites, ship-emitted radiofrequency detection, and data from ship identification (AIS). ) and the use of commercial databases (Lloyd’s List).

Increase monitoring resources

This system, “Integrated and convenient وم“According to the French Navy, it makes it possible to centralize and obtain these streams from multiple sensors”Near-real-time information about the entire globe (location of boats, vessel detection and identification, navigation history),” explains CLS in a press release. CLS uses data provided by two French start-ups: Rennes-based Unseenlabs, whose nanosatellites intercept radiofrequency signals from ships, and Preligens, which specializes in artificial intelligence and geospatial data analysis for intelligence. The contract represents, According to the Navy, “Rise in power» Means of marine area control in relation to Trimaran 2 (2016-2020) won by two giants in the sector, Airbus and Telespazio. France has an exclusive economic zone (EEZ) of 11 million square kilometers, the largest in the world after the United States.

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