The free-to-play RPG that combines Elden Ring and Skyrim is finally available on Steam

Who wouldn't love to go on an epic adventure to encounter mythical creatures and search for treasure? After all, these are just some of the reasons why we love role-playing games like Elden Ring and Skyrim.

This month marks the long-awaited release of Capcom's Dragon's Dogma 2, the sequel to the 2012 game for PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, before it arrives on other platforms. The original Dragon's Dogma was a massive, not-perfect, yet fun RPG, and its sequel aims to improve on its formula in every possible way.

Watch the Dragon's Dogma 2 trailer below!

From what we've seen of Dragon's Dogma 2 so far, it looks like it won't disappoint, especially with the giant metal monster inspired by Greek mythology, Talos no less. However, something tells me that this won't be the only epic boss battle in Dragon's Dogma 2 and that each boss encounter will require a lot of preparation.

Fortunately, in preparation for the arrival of Dragon's Dogma 2 in a few weeks, we can start creating our own “Arisen” avatar and even the trusty pawns that will accompany us in the game to fight the good fight through the Dragon's Dogma 2 character creator and storage app. Surprisingly, even though it is not the full game but just a sample of character creation, this app is trending on Steam right now according to SteamDB.

At the time of writing, the Dragon's Dogma 2 app has reached over 8,500 concurrent players in 24 hours and we believe this will increase as Dragon's Dogma 2 launches closer. The Free Dragon's Dogma 2 Character Creator & Storage app is also available on the PlayStation Store And Xbox Marketplace.

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This handy app will allow you to create up to five Arisen and Pawns each which can then be transferred to Dragon's Dogma 2 when purchased separately. However, Capcom mentioned in the app description that additional graphics options will be available in the full game. However, it's nice to have the opportunity to move forward now and then tweak our characters when they're released.

Dragon's Dogma 2 will be available on March 22 for PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series

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