The first words of an outcast from the Australian after two months spent at sea with his dog

The first words of an outcast from the Australian after two months spent at sea with his dog

Timothy Shaddock, who was found by a Mexican tuna boat after two months drifting in the Pacific Ocean with his dog Bella, escaped by catching fish and supplies.

The Australian outcast who drifted for two months in the Pacific Ocean with his dog Bella arrived in Mexico on Tuesday on the fishing boat that may have saved his life.

Australian media announced Monday that Timothy Shaddock, with a white beard, blond hair, blue eyes and drawn-out but smiling features, was on a Mexican tuna boat in the Pacific Ocean.

“I fished a lot,” he said, detailing his weeks on the high seas. “I had a lot of gear with me, and also a lot of provisions.”

“I’m grateful, I’m alive,” he added to the press waiting for him on the dock at Manzanillo (West). “I want to see my friends and family,” he said, wearing a hoodie bearing the logo of the company that owns the Mexican fishing boat.

“Life is beautiful, and it is our responsibility to save the life of a human being and a small dog that accompanied him,” Antonio Suarez, president of Grupomar, said earlier.

It was found over 1,200 miles from Earth

“We have a medical service on board our boats,” he added. “He fell into good hands.”

He said the boat that rescued the wrecked man was the smallest and oldest in Grupomar’s fleet. It may have been his last voyage at sea, the company said in a statement on Monday.

Tim Shaddock and his dog Bella left the coastal town of La Paz, Mexico, in April and planned to travel 6,000 kilometers before dropping anchor in French Polynesia.

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But rough seas quickly destroyed the boat and put the electronic equipment out of service.

The most important items

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