The first win for the Blues who dominate New Zealand

The first win for the Blues who dominate New Zealand

After two tight first quarters, in which Bob Vanacker’s players got off to a flying start thanks to first-time tries from Jonathan Heffernat, Sebastien Verdin and Corentin Le Guen, the Blues saw the New Zealanders back into the game (14-12). “We lacked a little clarity at times but then we refocused, got back into the game and that was it.”Le Guin noted after the meeting. The French, who were physically superior, gradually succeeded in controlling attacks (24-19 in the first half, then 33-28 at the end of the third quarter) to stifle their opponents who were outnumbered in Paris (only 3 substitutes). ).

“Quarterfinals” against Japan

Vanaker was able to take advantage of this to bring his entire team on, including Riyad Salem, who scored two tries in the final quarter, and Tristan Parfetti, who was playing in his first international tournament. The Blues then won at the end of the match (46-37) before they enjoyed a socializing with the crowd in Carpentier Hall.

Thanks to this success, the French reached the quarter-finals against Japan. “Now we have to beat them, we have never done it before. And I hope tomorrow (Friday) “This will be the first time.”Vanaker concludes.

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