The first Super Mario movie trailer has finally been dropped – News

The first Super Mario movie trailer has finally been dropped – News

Nintendo decided to double down tractor In another Nintendo Direct Comic Con dedicated exclusively to this trailer: that means if we want to do everything we can to make Mario a new icon of animated cinema, while Sonic 2 or even Unknown They set box office records for video game adaptations – $400 million a piece is no small feat.

So it was its creator, Shigeru Miyamoto himself, who came to present the film from Studio Illumination, led by Chris Mellandri and director duo Michael Jelinek and Aaron Horvath. Two of the film’s stars, Chris Pratt (Mario) and Jack Black (Boozer), also appeared in the promo, with one stating that “Embodying Mario was a lifelong dream“Jack Black insists on”Time to learn to spit fire“.

the first tractor He introduces him to a gang of penguins determined not to be invaded by the mighty Wagon, before heading to the Mushroom Kingdom to discover the face – and voice – of this Mario who has passed through the Lighting Mill. It’s no surprise that Luigi is there, too.

According to Melandri, the first discussions about the film had begun over 7 years ago, and at the moment, all the animation is on track to be finished within a week; Now it’s time to put the final touches on the lighting and special effects. Finally, on the musical side, composer Brian Tyler will be going to the studio in 11 days to revive the series’ iconic themes, in close collaboration with Kôji Kondô, the man who has been imagining the melodies for the main episodes since 1985.

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