The first debate of the campaign went poorly for Biden vs. Trump

The first debate of the campaign went poorly for Biden vs. Trump

Biden looked diminished by his age, facing an opponent who had all his means, and asserted right and wrong with equal aplomb.

From our correspondent in Washington

Biden’s voice was rough and stammering, he remained defensive, and at times seemed confused and stuttering. Confronted with confidence, his words were clear, often sarcastic, but still relatively controlled, Trump launched his attacks with near impunity. At times, the 90 minutes of televised debate saw the Democratic president correcting himself and Trump tangling with his own lies. But the results of their first face-to-face campaign meeting on Thursday night in Atlanta at the CNN studios were not in Biden’s favor. Rather than convincing voters already skeptical about his physical and mental fitness, the Democratic president’s performance confirmed the general impression: that he no longer has the capacity to serve another four years as president.

In his favorite role, that of the antagonist “He'd rather be doing something else.” Trump increased his attacks on his successor and evaded questions…

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