The first clashes broke out in Dakar after the opposition called for demonstrations

The first clashes broke out in Dakar after the opposition called for demonstrations

The police used tear gas to disperse hundreds of people who came to demonstrate against the postponement of the presidential elections, before they were stoned.


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Law enforcement officers fire tear gas against protesters denouncing the indefinite postponement of presidential elections, on February 4, 2024 in Dakar (Senegal).  (Stefan Kleinowitz/AP/SIPA)

It rejects the announcement by outgoing President Macky Sall. In Senegal, the opposition called for demonstrations on Sunday, February 4, against the Senegalese president's decision to postpone the presidential elections scheduled for February 25 indefinitely. This postponement caused a great uproar, as well as great concern abroad.

The men and women of all ages, suitable for the Sénégal drape or for the maillot of the national equipement of the foot, can also be adjusted in the beginning of the middle of a round-point on the axes of the principaux routiers. Capital. Gendarmerie forces, deployed in large numbers, fired heavy fire and tear gas to disperse them.

Police then entered surrounding neighborhoods on foot or in pickup trucks to pursue the fleeing protesters. Then they were subjected to many stone pelting. Young people chanting “Dictator Macky Sall!” It also pledged to set up roadblocks by temporary means.

Campaign despite postponement?

Security forces fired tear gas canisters at a large number of Khalifa Sall's supporters, who gathered near their candidate's headquarters. Many women felt unwell from the effects of the gas.

According to opposition MP Guy Marius Sagna, opposition member and former Prime Minister Aminata Toure, another fierce opponent of the postponement, was arrested during one of the marches. One of the presidential candidates, Daouda Ndiaye, posted a message on Facebook claiming he was “Exposed to brutality” By the police and reports that some of his collaborators were “Arrested”.

On Saturday, a few hours before the official opening of the campaign, Macky Sall announced the cancellation of the decree that set the date of the presidential elections on February 25. This is the first time since 1963 that presidential elections by direct universal suffrage have been postponed in Senegal. Several opposition candidates announced to the press their decision to ignore President Sall's decision and continue to campaign on Sunday.

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