The Finnish way to live happily in uncertainty

The Finnish way to live happily in uncertainty

Decryption – Finland has once again been voted the happiest country in the world. The key to their happiness may lie in their ability to face change with confidence and flexibility. details.

Finland has been re-elected as the happiest country in the world before World Happiness Report 2024. How can we be inspired by their art of luxury? By experiencing “flow” (a neologism that literally means “liquefaction” and which is similar to the ability to adapt), which combines many typical Finnish personality traits.

How do you thrive in a world in constant motion, without allowing yourself to be destabilized? That's the question April Ren, a Harvard-educated speaker and coach, is trying to answer in a “Happiness Masterclass” session posted online at location Tourist visit Finland in September 2023. April Ren describes herself as a “change companion”, and has been ranked by Forbes Among the “50 greatest futuristic women in the world.” She is also a best-selling author Flow: 8 Superpowers for Thriving in Continuous ChangeUnderstand: “8 Superpowers That Thrive in a Context of Constant Change.” In his lesson…

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