The finalists were divided on the need to strengthen the featherweight division

The finalists were divided on the need to strengthen the featherweight division

Estelle Vernet

The featherweight category is still a topic of debate among fans Finals. Players are divided on the need for a boost from this class.

Embark Studios surprised at the 2023 Game Awards with the unexpected launch of The Finals, a new free-to-play FPS developed by Battlefield veterans. In the game, contestants participate in a game show and must complete various objectives to advance to the next round and win the game.

You notice the Battlefield touches when watching or playing the finals. In fact, playable arenas are destroyed in a few seconds. Just like in the popular FPS game, players can choose from a variety of classes to give their team the edge.

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Now that the game is released, it seems that the featherweight division is creating buzz among players.

The finalists discuss the featherweight division

In the finals, players can choose between three categories: featherweight, middleweight, or heavyweight. As their names indicate, each of them has advantages and disadvantages, such as the featherweight category. They are more mobile, but weaker, while the Heavy are slower but more sturdy and durable.

Now that the full game has been released, player numbers are growing and fan comments are pouring in. One negative reaction in particular comes from disgruntled fans in the featherweight division. Browsing through threads on Reddit, you find a large number of posts claiming to be the weakest.

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However, one player from the finals, Sh/Left-Gur7210Share a different opinion. ” You play poorly at featherweight “He shares. Then he explains that this chapter is meant to be.” Glass cannon “.Actually, its purpose is to attack enemies with its faster movements.

Many comments shared a similar opinion. One of the players said: People get into this game without realizing that it’s a team-based shooter, which means you’re usually supposed to be with your team Another player added: “ I think it’s one of the most team-oriented games I’ve ever played. If your team doesn’t work together, you will be eliminated every time “.

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Despite the generalization, many comments targeted players losing 1v1 battles. I think the basic mentality of many FPS games is that the majority aims to be the best killer. said another.

We’ll see if Embark Studios plans to update the Featherweight class. To make sure you don’t miss any news about the games, check out the Finals section of our website.

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