The fifteenth of France: Mauvaka essential

Emmanuel Langler, Media 365: Posted on Tuesday, March 1, 2022 at 11:07 am.

Huge against New Zealand in November and then essential in the Six Nations Championship, Peato Mauvaka has become a staple in the France squad.

In a fantastic series, XV of France dreams of a Grand Slam title at the 6 Nations Championship. After three wins during the Fall Tour (29-20 against Argentina, 41-15 at the expense of Georgia, 40-25 against New Zealand), the Blues have racked up three wins in the tournament. Having already fallen from Italy (37-10) and Ireland (30-24), the Blues crushed Scotland at Murrayfield’s den (37-17), on Saturday afternoon. All that remains are matches against Wales and England to hopefully conclude on a strong note. In all these six matches, Beto Mofaka (1.80m, 115kg) made his mark. Whether he starts playing or starts playing, a bitch becomes essential.

Mufaka: “After this tour, everything changed for me. People look different. “

The Stade Toulousain player, who joined the Pink City at the age of 14 from Noumea, where he spent his childhood, has a unique track that he is particularly proud of. “I feel very proud. We won two French Championships (2019, 2021) and the European Cup (2021). In Noumea, no one did it. It just made me want to earn more. I was selected for the World Cup, and unfortunately I did not play, he explains In L’Equipe Mauvaka who injured his lumbar muscles. It was a very good experience, even if I was a bit larynxed because I couldn’t play. Behind you I tied glitches which slowed me down a bit. And then there was Covid. That’s what allowed me to switch. »

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His fate has also changed since his impressive performance against the All Blacks for which he scored 2 attempts (5 attempts in total during the Fall Tour). “After this tour, everything changed for me. People’s eyes became different, ”admits Mufaka (12 caps), 25 years old. “It’s also nice to feel appreciated. Before, this only happened to me in Toulouse, but since November, it’s all over the place. Well, in return I have more pressure, laughs. They expect me to do something every time on Earth. The stadium. »

‘The Impression of Being in a Parallel World’ after the match against the All Blacks

This match against the New Zealander was a great moment for anyone who discovered rugby thanks to his father’s All Blacks videos. “That was… AWESOME! Indeed, facing them is the dream of any rugby player, telling a bitch. In addition, I won! From the hakka, I said to myself: “It’s unbelievable, I’m ahead of them!” I was already in the game. I wanted him to start After two minutes of playing we connect. I say to myself: “No, we’re not going to do like we’re doing against Georgia?” We make a raid. It lasts a very long time and there I score. I tell myself: “Oh no, that’s impossible!” Honestly, it was huge. I said: “That’s fine, I made all my dreams come true!” Half an hour after the match started, we call back and I say to myself: “No, not twice anyway?” And I score again. It was awesome. After the match, all the messages were The one I received is amazing and offensive. It felt like I was in a parallel world.”

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The Blues had “kicked” the Blacks but the victory over Ireland was more important. “I came home for thirty minutes and I swear it was the hardest match I’ve played in my life. She hit hard, and the times were interconnected. When you’re a substitute, it’s hard to get into the rhythm of matches like this. The last fifteen minutes, it’s been great! I was dead. But she Even more beautiful when you win matches like this, so tight, tough…”, emphasizes Peato Mauvaka, a basic that Fabien Galthié can no longer do without.

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