The “fear” experienced by the Frenchman stuck in Gaza since the Hamas attacks

The “fear” experienced by the Frenchman stuck in Gaza since the Hamas attacks

Uday, the French VTC driver, banned in the Gaza Strip since the Hamas attacks on October 7, issued an appeal via our antenna to the French authorities to ensure that he is able to leave this area that is being bombed relentlessly.

“The situation is really critical.” For 20 days, Uday has not been able to leave the Gaza Strip. Having arrived a month ago to get married, this French VTC driver from Aix-les-Bains (Savoy) must now take refuge in Rafah, south of the small 362-square-kilometre area that the Israeli army has been relentlessly bombing since the bloody Hamas attacks on Gaza. The soil of the Hebrew state on October 7.

Like Uday, there are 53 other French nationals stuck in the Gaza Strip. The figure presented by Emmanuel Macron during a letter In Cairo This Wednesday, October 25, includes humanitarian workers, but also employees of the French Institute in Gaza and dual nationals, according to Haaretz. francinfo.

In total, the head of state noted that France wants to protect “nearly 170 French people, employees of our institute and rights holders.” He announced from Cairo: “We are in the process of strengthening a protocol with Egypt to evacuate our citizens and the people we want to protect in the Gaza Strip.”

“It’s painful”

Uday Al-Maouz, who again on Wednesday witnessed a bombing 500 meters away from him, “hopes that Mr. Macron can do something.” “I have hope for him,” he added on BFMTV. Currently, he remains in contact with the consulate in Jerusalem and with the crisis unit in Paris.

“But unfortunately, they can’t do anything because the border (with Egypt, editor’s note) is already closed,” he lamented on our antenna.

“They called me, took my GPS coordinates and said: ‘We are always in touch with you, and as soon as the news comes out that the borders are opening, we will evacuate you as quickly as possible.’ But, at this moment, there is no way out.” “

Fuel, water and electricity: the challenge of humanitarian aid in Gaza

Therefore, Uday endures his problems patiently in his homeland where “nowhere is safe.” “It’s scary. I’m afraid. This is my first time back in Gaza and it will be my last.”

He concluded: “Palestine is like my mother – I was born in Gaza – and France is like my father. It took me into its arms. I have my friends, my colleagues, and my work… I only feel at home in France.” today.”

The tragic humanitarian situation in Gaza is also of concern to the international community. According to the World Health Organization, six hospitals have already closed due to fuel shortages in the Gaza Strip, where 2.4 million Palestinians are gathered in catastrophic conditions.

The United Nations urgently calls for the delivery of fuel to operate electric generators in hospitals where thousands of wounded are flowing, to pump and purify water, and to continue the movement of trucks.

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