The famous Marshall brand has been acquired

The famous Marshall brand has been acquired

Marshall amps are hard to miss: whether in recording studios or on stage, they’re everywhere, and it’s impossible not to notice them with the brand’s distinctive logo. In recent years, the British company has diversified into consumer audio products, including headphones and amplifiers, which are not manufactured in-house: Marshall has granted Zound Industries a license to use its brand.

A natural affinity between Marshall and Zond

Marshall, which was founded by Jim Marshall in 1962, is now in the hands of Zound! An acquisition involving 100% of the company’s assets, including Natal Drums, Marshall Records, and Marshall Live Agency. The details of the transaction (particularly the financial) are not known, but the founder’s family remains the largest shareholder in the new entity Marshall Group with 24% of the shares. Jeremy D. Millard, President of Zound, will fill the same role within the Consolidated Group.

In the short term, nothing will change, neither for Marshall nor for Zund, and on a social level Jeremy D. Millard says he is fully committed to preserving the historic company and its factory in Vietnam. As for the products developed by Zound, there, too, we should not expect changes: the two companies have been working closely since the beginning of their cooperation in 2010, and there is no reason to disturb it.

The Swedish company’s other products for all that (the Urbanears brand in particular) won’t go away, even if 90% of sales are generated by Marshall hardware. In the long term, this merger should help accelerate new product development on the Marshall side as well as on the Zound side. The new group hopes above all to be able to save on design and production costs.

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Terry Marshall, son of the founder, explained, Ever since Dad and I created the first Marshall amplifier in 1962, we’ve always looked for ways to bring the Marshall sound to audiophiles everywhere. He says he is convinced that the new Marshall collection will rise “this mission.

Marshall brand awareness has grown with Zound’s headphones and speakers, which are sold in over 90 countries. In turn, it is possible that the manufacturer of accessories made a significant contribution to the boom in amp sales. And also, somewhere to practice electric guitar!

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