The exhibition "Pod and guest" was held at Espace Tissier in Le Conquet - Le Conquet

The exhibition “Pod and guest” was held at Espace Tissier in Le Conquet – Le Conquet

Pod, a photographer known for his portraits of Brest, his landscapes at Le Conquet and his color compositions, settled in Espace Tissier, at Le Conquet. It shows there until August 28, 2022. Besides him, four of his artist friends.

The first, Gildas Java, cartoonist, graphic designer and creator of the Brest 2020 poster, among others, will draw live and lead a poster creation workshop. His new collection “Sur un air de Java”, with texts by Paulo, Brian Dzink, will be on sale, in preview, during the exhibition. It is also not excluded that Paulo will come and sing some songs …

The second, Gwendal Lemercier, a talented comic book author and illustrator, with Celtic DNA and a master of “heroic imagination,” will do the live drawings and engagements.

The third, Loïc Moyou, a street photographer, whom Brest has done with his loving eye, will offer a free photography workshop.

Finally, the fourth painter, Niebuhr, the painter, between travel diaries and comic stories, will present a drawing on Pod Pictures.


The exhibition can be seen every day, until August 28, 2022, at Espace Tissier, in Le Conquet, from 10am to 12:30pm and from 2:30pm to 7pm.

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