The European Union announces the cancellation of its monitoring mission

The European Union announces the cancellation of its monitoring mission

The European Union decided to cancel its mission to monitor the elections in the Democratic Republic of the Congo in its initial form. She explained that this was due to technical restrictions beyond her control. It clearly did not obtain permission to deploy its own means of communication, including telephones and satellite Internet devices.

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With our correspondent in Kinshasa. The patient is legodi

The European Union did not wait A new meeting is scheduled for this Wednesday Afternoon in the Congolese capital. The decision was taken directly by Josep Borrell. Brussels believes it has been patient enough, says a diplomat based in Kinshasa.

In a brief press release, the European Union encourages the Congolese authorities and all stakeholders in this process to continue their efforts to ensure that the Congolese people are able to fully exercise their legitimate political and civil rights in the upcoming elections. Kinshasa has not yet responded to this decision.

It is difficult at this stage to estimate the consequences of such action. ” It is a sensitive case. In all cases, care must be taken to maintain trust », notes a European diplomat.

However, all is not lost. The European Union says it is exploring other options with Congolese authorities, including the possibility of maintaining a mission consisting of only a small group of election experts who will monitor the electoral process from the capital.

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